K16 Morse Keyer I.C. - £7.00 each

Microchip continues to offer higher functionality in their PIC microcotrollers which allows us to offer better and better keyer ICs. Our latest keyer is the K16 and it is available now. This is our 16th year selling keyer ICs and we have implemented a list of "please add this" requests as well as things that no other keyer chip offers. The K16 has non-volatile EEPROM memory, when you remove power it retains messages and settings. Twelve memory slots are provided along with many new embedded commands.

In addition to HSCW support the K16 provides QRSS for VLF beacon work.

You can buy just the I.C. or  the K16 kit. Please Note: that the K16 is not pin compatible with previous K1EL keyer ICs.

The "KANGA" K16 Keyer Kit - £16.50 each

This kit is a inexpensive single IC Morse Code Keyer/Processor which can be used either in contesting or casual use.

It is based on the very popular K16 I.C. developed by Steve Elliot K1EL who has kindly allowed Kanga Products to produce their own PCB.

"The K16 Keyer has many original features, and with a PCB measuring 38mm x 35 mm it is small enough to fit inside a transceiver".

Click Here to download the K16 Features & Description including a Tuturial.





Open QRP 40m Transceiver Kit  - Price: £99.95

For full information on the early developement of this transceiver, including archives then go to the following link  - http://openqrp.org/

Here you will find all the documemtation that has been generated since this project was started by Steve K1EL

Kanga Products have kindly been given permission to market this kit in the UK.

If you purchase the kit from Kanga Products, you MUST download the manual and all other information from this site. This is to ensure you have the correct information, as we have made slight changes to the components to ensure we are able to obtain them here in the UK/EU and to change some that have become unobtainable.











Click Here to down load the latest copy of the parts placement guide.

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Jon EA2SN has kindly translated the Manual & Parts list to Spanish they are available here

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Also Jon, has sent a copy of the review about the  OQ from Radio aficionados Spains Amateur Radio magazine Click Here to read.














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