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16 x 2 Blue LCD + I2C Module Fitted


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LCD module with I2C interface board assembled

Used for many purposes in electronic projects including Raspberry Pi and Arduino

The pinout of the LCD is :

  1. Ground
  2. VCC (+5V)
  3. Contrast adjustment (VO)
  4. Register Select (RS). RS=0: Command, RS=1: Data
  5. Read/Write (R/W). R/W=0: Write, R/W=1: Read
  6. Enable
  7. Bit 0
  8. Bit 1
  9. Bit 2
  10. Bit 3
  11. Bit 4
  12. Bit 5
  13. Bit 6
  14. Bit 7
  15. LED Backlight Anode (+)
  16. LED Backlight Cathode (-)
 I2C version requires only VCC, GND ,SCL and SDA wires

Please note: That due to LCD being damaged in the posted, we now ship in a box (small Parcel)

Additional information

Weight 150 g