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Atlas DCA – Semiconductor Analyser (Model DCA55)



Supplied with gold plated red/green/blue universal hook probes on 160mm flexible leads

  Some screen shots of the DCA55 in use




Intelligent and flexible semiconductor analyser. Connect any way round! The DCA55 then displays the following:

  • Component type (such as NPN transistor, P-Ch MOSFET, LED, diode etc)
  • Pinout information (such as Base, Emitter, Collector etc)
  • Parameter measurement (hFE, Vbe, Vf, leakage current etc)

Supports transistors MOSFETs, JFETs (gate pin only can be identified), diodes, LEDs and lots more. Automatically identifies type of component, pinout and other important parameters.
Now features transistor leakage measurement and Germanium/Silicon identification.


  • DCA55 Semiconductor Component Analyser instrument.
  • Comprehensive illustrated user guide.
  • Fitted universal hook probes.
  • AAA Alkaline battery.

The DCA55 will automatically identify the type of the part, pinout and many component parameters. Connect any way round to automatically identify and measure a wide range of semiconductor devices. The components supported include bipolar NPN/PNP transistors, Darlington’s, diode-protected transistors, transistors with built-in resistors, enhancement mode MOSFETs, depletion mode MOSFETs, diodes, diode networks, LEDs, 2 and 3 lead bicolour LEDs, JFETs and many more. Further measurements are displayed including transistor gain, leakage current, pn voltage drops, LED voltages, MOSFET threshold voltages and much more. Even if you don’t know anything about the part, just connect it in any configuration and the DCA55 will identify the type of part for you and also identify all the leads.

Supplied with universal gold plated hook probes, battery and illustrated user guide. Not designed for in-circuit testing. 

CLICK HERE to watch the Peak Electronics Atlas DCA55 going through it’s paces            

Key Features:

  • Automatic pinout detection and identification, connect any way round.
  • Automatic part type identification.
  • Supports semiconductors including transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, LEDs, JFETs and much more.
  • Detection of special component features such as transistors with diodes or transistors with built-in resistors.
  • Transistor gain measurement.
  • Transistor leakage measurement.
  • MOSFET gate threshold measurement.
  • Semiconductor voltage drop measurement.
  • Supplied with gold plated red/green/blue universal hook probes on 160mm flexible leads.
  • Clear backlit display.
  • Powered by single alkaline AAA cell (included).

CLICK HERE for a copy of the English user Manual

CLICK HERE for a copy of the German user Manual

CLICK HERE for a copy of the data sheet

We will be supplying a FREE 3D printed stand for your New Peak Meter, so that you can read the screen more easily.

This great little stand created by Peak Electronic Design is a great addition in helping keep your meter in good condition.

For those, that already have one of these great meters, CLICK HERE to download the STL files to print your own.


Additional information

Weight 150 g