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K1EL Morse Tutor



The MTB was designed to be a low cost educational platform for learning and practicing Morse code. Everything the student needs is on the board including touch pad inputs. Optimal touch paddle sensitivity is maintained by an auto-calibration algorithm. The MTB is implemented in a Microchip PIC16F1825 microcontroller and utilizes a special version of the K1EL K16 keyer core which provides a wide range of features. Setup commands are directly entered on the paddles in Morse code. All settings and messages are stored in nonvolatile memory so that they are preserved when the keyer is turned off. The K16 keyer core has many original features not found in other keyers.

Morse Tutor Features
  • Keyer speed range: 5 – 99 WPM
  • Integrated Touch Paddle and Pushbuttons
  • Touch sensitivity calibration function
  • 34 easy to use commands
  • Supply Voltage Monitor
  • Keying Modes: Bug, Ultimatic, Iambic A or B
  • Rotary Encoder Speed control
  • Adjustable Letter Spacing and weighting
  • Automatic letter space mode (Autospace)
  • Paddle swap command
  • Sidetone Output: On board speaker
  • Continuously adjustable Sidetone frequency
  • Multiple MTBs can be networked together
  • Key Output: Open collector (60V @120mA)
  • Four Push-button user interface
  • Battery holder for three AAA cells
  • Two User Configurations each with callsign
  • Non-Volatile Message Memory
  • Backspace supported on message entry
  • Easy access practice modes
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Beacon Modes
  • Power on/off by pressing rotary encoder
  • Low Power Consumption: 2 mA idle, 70 uA off
  • Board Dimensions: 4.0” by 3.25”

Please Click Here to go to K1EL website for Build and User Instructions

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Weight 350 g