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Kanga / m0xpd Receiver Shield



The Kanga / m0xpd Arduino Rx Shield is a simple Direct Conversion receiver sub-system for the HF bands. It is offered as an Arduino “shield”, allowing a complete receiver to be assembled from an Arduino single board computer (UNO or MEGA).

With an appropriate RF generator (such as the Kanga / m0xpd DDS Shield or the Kanga / m0xpd Si5351 Shield). Or even the “Kanga / m0xpd Tx Shield” can also be added to form a complete CW Transceiver. The Rx shield will operate on any HF band – the band is selected by an external band-pass filter on the input (NOT SUPPLIED).

The Rx shield may also be used as the foundation of a conventional receiver, independent of an Arduino or any such digital system, in which case only a VFO signal (plus band-pass filter) is required.

Click here for full build instructions

Click Here for further resources supporting m0xpd designs available from Kanga-Products UK.

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Weight 150 g