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Kanga / m0xpd Transmitter Shield



Based on the “Sudden” transmitter, designed by Rev George Dobbs, G3RJV (SK),  it can be keyed manually, but is intended to be operated by a microcontroller and is, by virtue of the physical “shield” format, particularly useful in Arduino applications, such as the systems accompanying the “Occam’s Microcontroller” article published by Paul, mØxpd, in SPRAT 156.

In addition to the PA and keying stages, there is a buffer / amplifier stage and a power supply stage, which are provided to integrate this module into a larger system (perhaps including a DDS system and a receiver as well as the Arduino).

This buffer can be used with optional inputs on the board to support other applications and experiments beyond the beacons and CW transceivers currently available (such as DSB phone applications).

Please Note: This is not a complete transmitter system – you will need to provide RF signals to transmit and a low-pass filter appropriate to the band(s) on which you intend to transmit.

To download a copy of the build instructions Click here

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