M0TGN – Morse Tutor (Without Enclosure)


No Enclosure or Hardware is supplied with this kit, the pictures show what your kit could look like.

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By popular demand we have brought back this great little Tutor but without the enclosure (Another thing some constructors did not want)

This kit came about through the need to produce a replacement for the designers ageing Datong D70 Morse Tutor® that he had used for many years. It has similar functions such as Letters, Numbers, Mixed Letters and Numbers, and a position to enable you to plug a key in and use it as a Morse Code Oscillator training unit.

 Equipment Needed:

Items that are essential in the construction of this kit are:

  • Low wattage – 60watts (Temp Controlled is useful) soldering iron, (Essential) Note: a standard Iron can be used with care.
  • Thin Solder (60/40) i.e. less than 0.7mm (Essential)
  • Magnifying Glass (Either Head or bench) (Essential)
  • White Tray to place components into whilst Soldering
  • Multimeter (Essential)
  • Enclosure of your choice
  • Control Knobs of your choice
  • M3 Nuts and Bolts for holding PCB/Battery Retaining Clip
  • For Self Traing a Straight Key

CLICK HERE For build Instructions

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