MTR3b_LCD Mountain Topper


This is the same Mountain Topper MTR3b that you know and love but with new added features!!

The Mountain Topper Rigs are designed to be a very small, light weight, very battery efficient, multi-band CW rig suitable for field operation. The small size and low weight make this rig ideal for SOTA operators and backpackers.


  • 3 band operation – 40/30/20
  • Wide power supply operation – 6V to 12V
  • Low operating current – 20 ma @ 6V, 15 ma @ 12V
  • 5+ Watts out at 12V supply, 2.5-3W at 9V supply
  • Easy to read 2 line LCD display with back lighting.
  • Push button tuning and audio limiting eliminates protruding knobs.
  • Iambic B mode keyer, 9 to 31 WPM range in 1 WPM steps.
  • Three, 63 character message memories with beacon mode.
  • Optional decoding and display of Morse being sent via paddle. Know your sending good code.
  • Built in 24 hour real time clock.
  • Battery back up restores last used settings on power up.


Receive MDS: ~ 0.2 uV

Small signal BW ~ 400 Hz

Audio BPF center ~ 650 Hz

Receive current:

~20 mA at 9.0 V

~15 mA at 12.0 V

Typical Transmitter power:

~ 3 watts at 9.0 V, 500 mA

~ 5 watts at 12.0 V, 700 mA

Spurious emissions: -50 dBc or better

Frequency accuracy: +/- 20 Hz, +/-10 Hz or less typical

Drift – negligible

DC Jack: 0.7mm X 10mm Center plus

Antenna jack: BNC

Size: 3.771” x 2.509” x .966” (LWH)

Weight: 4.4 ounces.

Power requirements:
6 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum.
Power jack: 1.7 mm center hole, 4 mm diameter, 10 mm (or longer) length.



Additional information

Weight 400 g


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