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OEP-1200 (1:1 600 Ohm) Transformer (Pk of 2)


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  • Pri : Sec Z 600 : 600 Ohms
  • Response: 200 ~ 4000 Hz 
  • Insertion Loss: 1.5 dB max
  • SNR > 33 dB
  • Return Loss: -20 dB
  • DCR Pri & Sec: 68 Ohms
  • Size: 18 mm² x 13 mm H
  • Insulation Test: 3540 VRMS or 5000 VDC
  • *Pin spacing: 0.3” x 0.5″

Provides isolation between modems or similar devices and telephone Iines. This transformer is designed for use in voice or data transmission circuits where the line d.c. is diverted from the windings by a choke or solid state device. The use of this transformer should enable the equipment it is used with to comply with the relevant requirements of BS6305.

Resin encapsulated in flame retardant cases. The unit is PCB Mounting