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SMD Dummy Load



This SMD Dummy Load is a collaboration between John Clement KC9ON of 3rd Planet Solar and Kanga (UK).

This small QRP sized dummy load was designed as a learning tool for SMD soldering by using larger 2512 resistors for the dummy load portion. The 50 ohm load will operate from 500KHz to 30MHz with an SWR of less then 1.1:1 at power levels up to 20W under short durations. Usable at up to 225MHz with an SWR of less than 1.3:1

The circuit also includes a small tap for using an oscilloscope and a detector circuit for use with a DMM (or Arduino) to monitor your signal. The detector part of the circuit a SOT-23 type part, which are one of the next common smaller sizes.

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Weight 150 g