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The Kanga “Sudden-2” Receiver (40m)


PLEASE NOTE: This is the Original Though Hole Version


PLEASE NOTE: This kit is a Through Hole Kit, if you want the SMD Version, then PLEASE CLICK HERE

The original “SUDDEN” Direct Conversion Receiver created by the Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV (SK), appeared in SPRAT (Autumn 1989) and has and still is a very popular club project ever since.

 This Kanga’s  “SUDDEN-2″  is loosely based on the original “SUDDEN” but with the following differences:

  • Tuned circuits use Toko type coils or toroid’s and trimmer capacitors can be used
  • Oscillator is tuned by potentiometer and variable capacitance diode
  • RF Attenuator, Tuning Control and AF Gain Control are mounted on the PCB
  • AF Gain Control incorporates the Power Switch.
  • AF Amplifier has hiss-reducing components
  • Power, Antenna and Headphone connections are made via plugs and sockets
  • 9 volt or 12 volt operation
  • Optional switched-bandwidth audio filter and mute may be added (See Picture)
  • PCB has solder mask and white screen-printing to make construction easier

The picture shows the Sudden-2 as a completed Kit including the filter.

The kit supplied does not contain the Filter/Mute components, this is left to the constructor to add as and when they wish.

Click Here to Download the Build Instructions 

Click Here to Download the Switched Filter/Mute Build Instructions

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Weight 150 g