Universal Radio Link – ICOM & Yaesu radios


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Universal Radio Link for  ICOM and Yaesu radios.

It’s ideal to connect your radio to computer with CI-V, data and keying functions.


– FIDI FT-232RL USB chip
– Original 6N137 optocoupler high-speed communications, communication rates up to 115200.
– Support mechanisms refined data cable to connect the cable, plug and play
– Radio remote control interface support: full optical isolation, CAT remote support stable high-speed communications 115200
– Complete signal support: Contains TXD RXD RTS DTR CTS signals.
– Support for SQL control, CTS signal.
– Special customized high-quality audio isolation transformers, shielded isolation.
– Plug and play, external power supply not required.
– Standardized voice / data radio interfaces: DATA (MINI DIN 6).
– Remote Interface standardization CAT: CAT (MINI DIN 8).
– FT-450D HRD set: rate 4800, leave RTS DTR both blank, radio using VFO-A.

For Radio Model:  
– YAESU: FT991, FT891
– YAESU: FT7800, 8800, 8900, 100D
– YAESU: FT-8×7 (only DATA, not for CAT)

– For ICOM: IC-2710, 2720, 2820

For Software:
– WSJT JTDX HRD DM780 LOGG32NIMM WriteLog, ECHOLINK, easy Pal SSTV,  Cw_player,  APRS AGWTracker,  MMTTY MMVARI MIXW etc.

Download USB Driver:    www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

Package Included:
– 1 x Main device
– 1 x USB Cable
– 2 x Audio Cables
– 1 x Data Cable
– 1 x Serial Port DB9 Type CAT Cable (depends on radio type)

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