The Foxx-3 CW Transceiver £32.50


In the summer 1983 issue of SPRAT, the journal of the G-QRP Club, there appeared a design for an elegantly simple QRP transceiver called the Foxx. Designed by George Burt GM3OXX (SK), the Foxx used just five transistors and employed the PA transistor as the detector for the receiver.

The FOXX-3 by Derek Alexander G4GVM was published in the spring 1999 issue of SPRAT. While based on the original FOXX, it had a few refinements to make operation easier:

  • Automatic transmit/receive change over (semi-break-in)
  • Sidetone
  • Built-in harmonic filter.

Click here to see a video from Radio Pepper building the Foxx-3 CW Transceiver –

Due to the ever changing field of electronic components, there maybe a change to One (1) of the Transistors in Stage Two. Please Click Here to down load the ERRATA for those possible changes.

Construction Notes

  • 80m
  • 60m
  • 40m
  • 30m
  • 20m

Due to some contructors location, they have experienced some break through of Broard cast Stations.

Please Click Here for an artical which explains the reasons and ways to stop it.