Welcome Back to Kanga Products

Kanga has long been a supplier of quaility Kits for the radio enthusiast. 2022 will be the start of the next chapter in Kangas life. We will now be offering many of the old favourites  such as the FOXX3, the Sudden receiver and many more but also increasing the range with a wide selection of Kits and now even prebuilt items that are unquie to Kanga.  (Many of the New kanga Products are originally supplied by Phoenix kits )

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Kanga  Products is proud to support the goals of the International CW Council , Visit their Site for more Information


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We are currently busy setting up this new web site and orgainising the Kits, this may take us some time, so in the meantime why not look at the range of kits we have right now! You can download and read the full instructions for each kit from the instructions page link above.  A few of the original Kanga SMD kits are available now in our shop (limited Qty's)

Some of our Featured kits, use the 'Kit shop' link above to see the full range. All postal services seem to be up and running again now, we have started offering an option for UPS postage for none UK customers, this is a much faster service, BUT be aware that you may get charged import duty according to your countries rules before they deliver

The FMT Tutor

Reviewed in June 2021 Practical Wireless.
New upgraded Firmware
The FMT (FISTS Morse Tutor) is now in its new MK4 version, more features than before (New fixed sinewave low level output for Zoom etc) and Practice oscillator supports paddle keys too. Now with built in 39 lesson Koch trainer too! Now the kit includes a high quality enclosure 

MK4 uCPO Oscillator/Tutor

Reviewed in June 2021 Practical Wireless. This is our best seller, unique to us,  A Practice Oscillator for Straight Keys AND Paddle Keys, also includes a multi mode Morse Tutor. New Mk4 version with fixed low level output for use with Zoom etc

Widely used by orgainisation that teach Morse (CWops, FISTS and others)

MTM QRP Desktop Transmatch

New Fast Selling Item!
Stock Limited

This is a QRP (upto 10 Watts) Transmatch, the smallest Desktop Transmatch I have seen.  The ATU uses BNC or SO239 sockets on the rear panel (You choose when you order) . Incs a LED resistive SWR indicator for easy tuning.

OSK Keyer

Low Cost Feature Rich Desktop Keyer

Using a small but powerfull controller chip to give 4 x 100 char memory slots and loads of great features, can be purchased a full kit, built or even a small module to build into your own equipment.

New! Straight Key Oscillator

This is our brand new Straight key practice Oscillator, this must be the best value code practice oscillator around. Built into a strong high quaily case (Same as the uCPO) simple but very effective oscillator with CW indicator LED, Internal 2 inch speaker, Headphone socket and 3.5mm key socket.

This is an exceptional value oscillator  available in Kit form or fully built ready to go!

SMD 20W Dummy Load

This small QRP sized dummyload was designed as a learning tool for SMD soldering by using larger
2512 resistors with only 1 small SOT-23 diode. The 50 ohm load will operate from 500KHz to 30MHz
with an SWR of less then 1.1:1 at power levels up to 20W under short durations. Usable at up to
225MHz with an SWR of less than 1.3:1. The circuit also includes a small tap for using an oscilloscope
and a detector circuit for use with a DMM to monitor your signal.



SMD Sudden-2 40m

This “SMD” version of Kanga’s Sudden-2 40m Receiver is brought to you through a collaboration between Kanga (UK) and John Clements KC9ON of 3rd Planet Solar in the USA. And is another kit in our “NEW SMD” range designed to introduce the constructor to SMD kit construction.


Basic SMD 20W Dummy Load

This is a earlier version of the SMD Dummy load Kit, this uses smaller 1/4 watt 2K resistors (40 off) and does not come with the BNC Connector. Very Limited Stock and when they have gone , they  have gone!