Welcome to Kanga Products

Welcome To Kanga Products

Kits and Parts for the Radio Enthusiast  

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The 'Rooster'  40m, 30m or 20m CW Transceiver Kit
2 Watts RF output (40m) , 1.5 Watts (30m), 1 Watt (20m)
Single Frequency Crystal Controlled (7.030/10.116/14.060MHz)
Active audio Filter, Sidetone, RIT, Strong Aluminium case as standard.

Now reviewed in March 2024 Radcom

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K1EL's WKmini 
This is K1EL's latest WKmini Module in a new designed case. offers all the standard WKmini features to provide the contesters gold standard of CW Host Controllers that others try to emulate.

New! Straight Key Oscillator

This is our brand new Straight key practice Oscillator, this must be the best value code practice oscillator around. Built into a strong high quaily case (Same as the uCPO) simple but very effective oscillator with CW indicator LED, Internal 2 inch speaker, Headphone socket and 3.5mm key socket.

This is an exceptional value oscillator  available in Kit form or fully built ready to go!

NEW! General Purpose Audio Bench Amplifier

A Low cost General purpose Audio Bench amplifier Kit with pre-drilled case and ALL the parts to build it, based on the LM386 but with anti-hiss circuit. Fitted with internal 2 inch speaker and 4 x AAA battery Holder

NEW ! Sandford Termination Wattmeter

This Kit produces a Quaility 3 function Termination Wattmeter. Two Power levels 5/20Watts with a RF sample tap output for monitoring your signal on a scope . Built in a custom made thick powered coated Aluminium and ready punched case, a 'real' kit! 

New MK4.1 Version The FMT Tutor

Reviewed in June 2021 Practical Wireless.
New upgraded Firmware
The FMT (FISTS Morse Tutor) is now  in its MK4.1 version, more features than before (New fixed sinewave low level output for Zoom etc) and Practice oscillator supports paddle keys too. Now with built in 39 lesson Koch trainer too!  Now can also work as a Keyer for your radio. The kit includes a high quality enclosure 

MK4 uCPO Oscillator/Tutor

Reviewed in June 2021 Practical Wireless. This is our best seller, unique to us,  A Practice Oscillator for Straight Keys AND Paddle Keys, also includes a multi mode Morse Tutor. New Mk4 version with fixed low level output for use with Zoom etc

Widely used by orgainisation that teach Morse (CWops, FISTS and others)

Pocket Transmatch QRP

Pocket Transmatch

Reviewed in July 2023 Radcom
This is a QRP (upto 10 Watts) Transmatch, the smallest QRP Transmatch I have seen.  The ATU uses sockets on the rear panel (a desk top version with S0239 is also available) . Incs a LED resistive SWR indicator for easy tuning.

PT20 Pocket Tutor

Reviewed in Dec 2022 Practical Wireless
This small compact Personal Pocket Morse tutor is ideal for brushing up your CW skills, complete with internal battery pack (2 x AAA Cells) and miniature speaker but incorporates a front mounted headphone socket for private practice, great for use in the home or office. Loads of modes like all our tutors. Available built or in full Kit form

New! Little Roo 40m Mint Tin Receiver

This is our brand new super little 40m Receiver, can be configured for either the CW sub band or the SSB sub band on 40m. fits into the standard mint tin if you have one but it is supplied with a mint tin style (and size) case. Works with Headphones or speaker (not provided) . Read the instructions or watch the video the picture above links you to.

Easy Build AM Radio Kit TRF-1 Mk3

A great little project. build your own AM radio, will tune in the AM MW band and also LW radio 4 here in the UK. designed to be easy to build with large solder pads and large switches. no external antenna needed and works for days on a single  AAA battery! Works with standard low cost headphones or why not use it with our Audio amplifier for room filling volume

FM Stereo Receiver Hybrid SMD/Through hole

Our Little 76-108MHz Stereo FM receiver kit. Hybrid design with one SMD IC and all other parts through hole type. high quaility PCB . designed for standard stereo headphones or connect to mono external amplifer for room filling volume.
(like our Kanga Bench amplifier)  

K1EL Products

The ever growing range of K1EL Products can be found here.

New ! Kanga Field Strength Meter(FSM)

Reviewed In May 2023 Practical Wireless
The Kanga Relative Field Strength Meter (FSM) will work over a very wide range of frequencies, typical 1.8 to 500Mhz. Our FSM uses a sensitive 50uA large meter that is easy to read. Great for comparing antennas, checking transmitters and many other uses. The FSM kit is complete down to the last nut, washer and even comes with an adjustable BNC telescopic whip.


Spinning Top Solder Practice kit

The Kanga Solder Practice Kit 

A fun way to practice your soldering skills or a first time project thats fun to build.
A great way to build your confidence with the soldering iron before tackling bigger projects