Here is our full range of Kits and Pre-built Items. Click on the picture of any kit for more information. Colour Instructions can be downloaded from the Instructions page or the link on the items page. Paper copies are no longer provided with the Kits.

Morse Tutor

Kanga Offer a wide range of Morse Tutors most are avaiable in kit form or Pre-built

Code Practice Oscillators

We have a range of practice oscillators , some are suitable for both Paddle and Straight keys and some have advanced tutors built in too.

Morse Keys

Kanga offer a range of low cost pratical Morse keys

ATU & Dummy Loads Etc

A Range of ATU's and Dummy loads

Keyers and Magic Eyes

Our range of Keyers and CW centre tune indicators

K1EL Keyer Products

Receivers/Transceivers & Audio Kits

Our range of Receivers, Transmitters and Audio Products

Misc Kits and Modules

Our other Kits that dont fit ito the sections above