Winkeyer3 - Third Generation CW Processor 3.1

The K1El Winkeyer3 is the latest version of the Powerful host controlled CW Processor. This sets the standard for such devices. It has been imitated but still none better than this orginial. Many Hams have found this out the hard way. 

Winkeyer3 14 Pin PDIP Package Drop in replacement for WK2

Winkeyer3 IC

WinKeyer3 Features list


  • 1200/9600 baud Serial I/F
  • 5-99 WPM
  • Adjustable sidetone frequency
  • Iambic A/B or Ultimatic keyer
  • Autospace
  • Farnsworth spacing
  • Adjustabel weighting
  • Keying compensation
  • Dual Tune Mode
  • Two output ports
  • RTTY H/W UART Mode
  • PTT out w/adjustable delay
  • Standalone keyer mode
  • Four message pushbuttons
  • Low power standby


  • In-field firmware update
  • USB support
  • HSCW & QRSS support
  • Serial number generator
  • Keyboard key paddle
  • Custom prosigns
  • Paddle only sidetone
  • Potentiometer speed control
  • 12 messages plus callsign
  • Dual user support
  • Supply voltage readout

Dont Forget... We are the only distributor of the K1EL Winkeyer chips for the UK and Europe.